Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kermit obviously wasn't drinking one of these......

A Green Monster Smoothie!

It is easy to be green....... with a green monster smoothie. :)

Yes I have been slow to try it, how could it possibly be good.... its GREEN, it involves a lot of spinach in the morning and with banana.... what?

Well I'm sold, its delicious.... even my sorry attempt.

Today's Green Monster

  • couple handfuls of spinach
  • about 3/4 of a frozen banana
  • 1T almond butter
  • cup of milk
  • 2t ground flax seed

YUM!!! I cannot wait to try other mix ins. I keep meaning to get to an herbal pharmacy near me that carries Amazing Grass, from what I see in the bloggosphere its a popular thing to add.

Oh and some AMAZING wonderful news for me. My mom and step-dad are going to join me in NYC when I run the marathon..... AND pay my way!!! They are going to buy my ticket and pay for the hotel room, holy cow! I am so blessed (and spoiled) to have such a great family. :)

They are marathon junkies themselves (as I have mentioned) and want to experience what its like in NYC for the marathon.... PLUS my big bro lives there! So its also a chance to finally visit him in the big city and see what his life is like there! Yay, that just makes me even more excited for the race now.

Speaking of races, I have that 10K tonight. Hope all goes well.... may have to blog late once again tonight!

Have a fabulous day!!!


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  1. Green Monsters rule!

    Fabulous news about the Marathon... what a fun family vacay! :)