Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Good Morning!

I've been a bad blogger. Ugh.... Procrastination has set in, I am overwhelmed with things to do and let myself get stuck. Must. get. moving!!!!

So today is a dreary rainy day. I'm going to move my run inside, as the chilly rain is just not appealing. So a lunch time run is on tap. Most likely it will only be 3-4 miles. I’m scheduled for 5 miles, but I think 4 will suffice considering the weather, my foot, etc. Speaking of my foot its still feeling great, I just want to take it easy for a bit, especially considering I did 20 miles on Saturday.

While prepping breakfast I enjoyed some of this…..

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie

Its really thick, almost too thick.

A little goes a long way with me, as I like to water it down. Its yummy though!

Breakfast this morning, OATS! But I had to finally do it and add some pumpkin, all I could find was this though…..

But it smells delish.

This is the final product.

- ½ c oats
- ½ c almond milk, ½ c water
- 2T pumpkin pie mix
- 1T almond butter
- 1T ground flax
- sprinkle of chopped walnuts

A quick revisit of yesterday……..

Up in the early AM for Kettlebell!

Did the following 5 times
- 7 double clean & presses
- Figure 8’s for 1 minute
- Russian Twist 1 minute
- Plank 1 minute
- Suitcase Lunges for 50 ft

- plain Oikos
- Kashi Heart to Heart
- Kashi Vanilla Island
- 1T almond butter

- sautéed greens
- turnips
- multi-grain tempeh

- Cinnamon Roll Larabar

Dinner was camera shy; it was just leftover whole wheat pasta w/ marinara & TJ’s pesto chicken sausage.

I turned into a bump on a log last night. I had a million things I should have been doing, instead I watched a few shows on Tivo. The hubby had a meeting after work and I kind of felt stalled till he got home….. wasn’t sure how long his meeting would be, what time to start making dinner, etc. Instead of being productive I just stayed in once place, literally. Blah. Tonight will be different! Too much to do, I hate unproductive evenings!

How do you keep yourself moving? Do lists help? I usually keep a list but didn’t have one last night, maybe if I had all my “to do’s” staring back at me I would have kept moving.

Hope you have a great day!!


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  1. I need to jump on the pumpkin oats train - looks tasty.

    I've been a complete bum lately... I hope your other readers have some good ideas on how to keep moving... I could use some inspiration!