Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not so small plates... small plates dinner

Last night our friend's Glenn & Aviva treated us to a wonderful dinner.  They couldn't decide what to make, so they made a whole bunch of stuff.  

Very good thing I went for my run before the dinner and not this morning.  The variety of food, plus the few glasses of wine I had would not have been good for my tummy once running!

The evening started with some cheeses & pate.  After I snapped this picture some olives appeared as well.  The round cheese was a triple cream brie...... yum!

Our first course once we sat down was a lobster bisque.  Delish. 

Next up was a margherita pizza with home made crust.  I knew I could not eat all of it, especially if I was going to participate in additional courses.  So I ate half. 
The third course.... um apparently I forgot to photograph??!!  
It was a sesame encrusted tuna w/ noodles in a peanut sauce.  So good.... I think I was drooling too much to take a picture maybe.  

Fourth course was an amazing brisket and collard greens.  It melted in your mouth, it was incredible!

Then by dessert I was stuffed but still nibbled on some baked apple with ice cream...... I nibbled but was neglectful and didn't take a picture.....  

So like I said, very good that I ran BEFORE all this food!  (and wine)
I think I ate all the calories I burned and then some.  But it tasted darn good.  Plus it was great to catch up with wonderful friends.  

Do you have friends over for dinner often?  What do you typically make?


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  1. Nice job on the 20 miles! That is just incredible. What a fun multi course dinner! Lobster bisque is sooooo good! I occasionally make dinner and have friends over but we usually go out.