Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cold, suits and kashi

Yet another packed day.

I was up early for Kettlebell at 6am. It was hard to get out of bed as usual, but once there I was glad I made it.

My hamstrings were still sore though.... and it was a heavy leg day.

Today's workout.
10 reps to 1 (10 reps on each side of all exercises, then 9 reps on each side and so on)
Front Squats

It was self paced, but I wanted to get it done near the end. I didn't go crazy fast, but I was the first one done. :)

After class I headed home and got prepped for my day. While my breakfast cooked I got myself all gussied up for my big meeting.

It was a power suit kind of day. (Reggie wanted in on the photo op)

Breakfast was more pumpkins oats!

-.5 c oats, .5 c almond milk, .5 c water
- 2T pumpkin pie mix
- 1T ground flax
- 1T almond butter
mmmm.... good!

My meeting went well! It was done before noon time. :)

I headed home at lunch time to walk Reggie and have some lunch. I wasn't inspired by the fridge, so to the freezer I went.

-Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake w/ a little added mozzarella cheese
it was delish!

Then it was back to work.

Later on I snacked on a Kashi granola bar. Guess it was a Kashi day.

After work Reggie and I headed out for another walk. I also picked up our last bag of CSA veggies. :(

Dang I forgot to take a photo. I'll snap one and add it later, it included some beautiful brussel sprouts.

I headed out and met up with a good friend for a drink or two.... had some Sam Adams Octoberfest. Yum. Finally it was time to head home though. Needed food!

Heated up some leftover TJ's butternut squash soup and what was left of the hubby's box mac n' cheese. Quick and filling. :)

It has gotten chilly here rather early this year. I mean its downright cold. We might even see.... SNOW tonight..... what!? Gah! What happened to my summer. This is my issue with fall. It just leads to winter. In my world summer doesn't last long enough.

So what is your favorite season? What is your least favorite season?

Have a great night!!


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  1. You looked fantastic in your suit! Glad the meeting went well! Your quick dinner looks good to me. I think its def going to be a grab whatever night at our house today. My favorite season is summer and my least is winter. I am a warm weather fan al the way!