Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Trifecta....

It was a chilly fall day and that required some fall goodness...... thus lots of pumpkin.

As seen this morning, I started the day with some pumpkin pie oats.

Prior to lunch I hit the gym for my run. It was cold, rainy and just gross outside.... not inspiring for my run. Not that the treadmill was any better.

4 miles, 1% incline

Back to work where I heated up my leftover Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili from Chili Fest.

It was a perfect post workout meal, yum!

Later on I needed a snack though.... sticking to the day's fall theme.....
A little apple pie.
sort of.....

After work I tried to stay motivated. Finally.
-started laundry
-organized the pile of clothes on our guest bed (I'm changing clothes over from summer to winter)
-cleaned up the kitchen

Then the hubby came home and he wanted to go for a run. He wanted me to run with him. So we did an easy run of about 2.5 miles and picked up Reggie at the end from my in-law's house. It felt like December out there!!!! Ack! Not ready for it to be this cold yet!!

It was getting late so dinner was a frozen pizza. But I needed something to warm me up, I found some TJ's Butternut Squash soup and heated up a bowl for myself. Added a little freshly grated parmesan.

And enjoyed it.....

with a Pumpkinhead Beer.

Mmmmm.... more pumpkin.

And then a couple small slices of pizza. :-)

My hamstrings are SO TIGHT and SORE today. I think all those walking suitcase lunges did me in yesterday. They felt great after my runs, but as soon as I sit down for a bit it is so hard to stand up and walk. Ugh.

We will see how they feel tomorrow at Kettlebell, eeks!

I need to get to bed early tonight. I have big meeting at work tomorrow. One of my largest accounts is in town for a visit and wants to meet with me to go over numbers.

So it will be a power suit kinda day.

Do clothes ever make you feel more confident? Whether it be a suit, a favorite workout outfit, a snazzy going out outfit......

A suit always makes me feel more put together and more authoritative.....it helps build my confidence especially when I'm meeting with folks older than me or a room full of attorneys (yes they intimidate me at times).

Have a great night!


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