Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots of running around... but no running....

Busy day!   

I wanted to blog this morning, but just no time.  So evening is all you get.  ;-)

I packed up my breakfast this morning to bring to work. 
I've been on an oats kick this week.  Must be the cool weather that has moved into New England.

-oats: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c almond milk, 1/2 c water
-toppings: apple, dried cranberries, walnuts, almond butter
At lunch time I headed home to walk Reggie.  It was cool enough at lunch time I had to keep my jacket on.  Ack.... back to weather where a jacket is a necessity and not an accessory, boo hoo. 

-ww tortilla, hummus, apple (yes still on the apple kick), little mozzarella cheese

Then I took some TJ's pirates booty to snack on at work.....

After work I stopped by the hubby's office to work on the road race stuff.  After about 2 hours of that I finally headed home to make dinner. 

I apparently was a bit wrapped up in stuff as I totally forgot to take a picture of dinner. 

-grilled chicken
-TJ's mushroom risotto
-sauteed baby bok choy
-ciabatta bread

With all of the craziness I didn't get my run in :(  
I'm going to try to squeeze in some speed work tomorrow at some point.  I hope.  I will be happy when the race is over, the festival is over and things go back to "normal".  

So once dinner clean up was done, I made another mess prepping making tomorrow night's dinner.  Since we will be busy with registration and a concert tomorrow night, as part of the festival, we won't have much time to eat.  So I made some easy to re-heat food.....


Its not the heathiest recipe in the world.... but I trimmed it down where I could without sacraficing too much flavor.  I used TJ's Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, ww pasta, some part skim cheese. Also I prefer to use the Newman's Own Cabernet Tomato Sauce.

Onions, mushrooms, italian chicken sausage, garlic, spices and wine.... smelled so good!

I took it out before it got too brown, I figure it will brown up a bit when we heat it up tomorrow night.  But it smells so good.  

I'm letting it cool a bit, throwing it in the fridge and then hitting the hay.  

Tomorrow is all about road race prep!  Getting racers, numbers, t-shirts all organized.  Getting the spreadsheet together for timing company.  Laminating signs that will give runners directions on where to go.  Organizing all the prizes and gathering any last minute supplies.  The weather unfortunately is not looking all that great, but despite the forecast we still have applications coming in!  I hope we will hit 300 runners.  Not too shabby for a first year race!!

What makes a race for you?  What gets you to come back again next year?

Have a great night!



  1. The apple party looks like lots of fun! Yummy day of eats. Its odd how well apples pair with hummus! That lasagna looks totally delicious. I may skip my grilling plans for Sunday and go the pasta bake route instead now!

  2. I love races that are well-organized, have a fun atmosphere before and after the race (people don't just disperse as soon as they finish, there's good music and a festival type setup), good T-shirts, and some sort of post-race snack...even if it's just half a banana.

    I also really appreciate courses that are laid out well, closed to traffic as much as possible, and with really clear signs if there are turns (or even if there aren't...I don't want to be confused about where I'm going)

    I can't wait to hear how this race turns out! I'm sure it will be awesome!