Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting ready to Reach the Beach!!!!

Its crunch time, I'm scrambling to get things ready for Reach the Beach.  We don't leave till 6pm, but there are little things I kind of put off..... 

Like printing out the handbooks that we are required to have two of.
But then I realized it was way too many pages to do at home.... so I just spent almost an hour cursing at the Kinkos and Staples sites.... they were NOT cooperating!

So my day in food.....

was running late again, so I packed up my mix-ins for my at work oats
Mix-ins: blueberries, dried cranberries, walnuts, ground flax

With my oats & a little skim milk.

Headed home for lunch and to walk the pooch.

-flat out & marinara sauce, broiled with roasted brussel sprouts & turnips, plus some tomato, roasted potato and feta
It was messy but good.

At work I snacked on some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

After work I got my butt to Kettlebell!!  (since I messed up my alarm AGAIN)
Repeated the all of the following 5 times, 
1 minute rest between each round, each exercise a minute unless otherwise noted
Round 1
-hand to hand sumo deadlift
-figure 8's
Round 2
-Get up sit ups
-Russian twist
Round 3
-Heavy press 1/1, 2/2, 3/3
-1 arm rows

Awesome workout!  I love it when there is lots of variety!

Then I ran around working on some 5K race promotion, after that it was home to walk Reggie and make dinner. 

Chicken Parmesan 
-preheated over to 400
-dipped chicken breast in an egg, coated w/ breadcrumbs
-sprayed pan w/ canola oil
-baked for 20 minutes
-added marinara sauce and some parmesan cheese
-baked for 10 minutes more
-boiled up some pasta

(yes I like sauce)    

Time to get some packing done.... need to dig out the sleeping back and warm clothes.  
There is a FROST ADVISORY tonight where we will be running Friday night/ early Saturday morning.... eeks.  

So timeline tomorrow....

6am short run
8am work
noon leave work & finish packing
2pm leave to get huge passenger van from rental place
4pm pick up manuals & grocery shop
6pm pick up van 6 of the crew & head north
8pm dinner, check into our accomodations
My goal is to be IN BED before 11!!!

My mileage for the race....
1st leg 7.95 miles  (9:20am)
2nd leg 3.91 miles  (approx. 8:35 pm)
3rd leg 9.42 miles  (approx. 7:10 am)
Total mileage =  21.28miles

the good: no real late night or early morning running
the bad: my last leg is my longest & the hilliest

I'm going to attempt to blog on the road... not sure how successful I will be!

Have a great night!


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