Monday, September 14, 2009


Good Morning!  How can it be Monday already.....  weekends go by too fast!

Hope your Monday is off to a good start.  Despite morning coming too fast, I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm!  Getting up wasn't too hard since I woke up on my own.  

First up, Kettlebell!
We did as much work as possible in each 3 minute round. Repeat the entire workout twice!

Round 1
Double Swings x 5
Double Front Squats x 5

Round 2
Turkish Get Up + Snatch x 2 per side

Round 3
See-Saw Press x 5 per side
Suitcase Lunges x 5 per side

Round 4
Double Clean + Press x 5
Double Static Rows x 5 per side

Yep that woke me up!  

Any time you do double bells it take it out of you. 

I was primarily using two 20lb bells, couple of times I switched to 16lb ones.  

After class I was hungry hungry hungry!!


-Kashi H2H, plain greek yogurt, blueberries, ground flax, little mixed berry jam and almond butter

I also packed up my lunch.
-Salmon & chickpea salad w/ olive oil mayo & dill, peas and tomatoes
I am a bit frustrated with the mileage I logged last week, I need to stick to my training plan more.  Life seems to be getting in the way to much... I just have a lot going on right now.  I think I'm in that training mid-point where you need to really focus and recommit yourself to finishing what you started.  

Marathon training is a huge commitment and I think sometimes I don't truly appreciate all that it requires.  It doesn't intimidate me as much as it used to, which is good but I also need to appreciate what my body is capable of and what it needs out of my training.  I need to put that mileage in and do so in a gradual way so that I don't injure myself.  

How do you recommit yourself to your goals?  Do you write them down again, tweak or reformulate your game plan... Seek the advice of others?  Find inspiration in others?

Happy Monday!



  1. I just deleted a long comment. ARGH!!

    Cliff notes version:
    I know how you're feeling. I'm beat & losing focus myself.

    It helps me to write my planned runs on my calendar... so they stare me in the face anytime I go to make plans for something else. Training is a priority right now... I need to treat it as such!

    I also like to post my planned runs as my FB status. I thrive on the accountibility of others. I don't want to feel like a shmuck if someone asks how my 9 miler was today by saying "uhhhhh.... I watched daytime TV instead!" KWIM?

    And, of course, I think you're wonder woman. You inspire me every day! Hang in there!!

  2. Ugh my long comment just got deleted too!
    I'm in a similar place when it comes to goals right now, but I don't have any races lined up so my running is lacking any kind of focus, and that's sort of bumming me out. I'm really trying to just go with the flow and enjoy life day by day.

    I think writing down goals all over the place really helps me. I tell anyone who will listen (aka, family and husband) what I want to do in my next race, and then I train to make sure I do it (which works some of the time...)

    I'm super impressed by all this kettlebell stuff you do! Is it maybe the reason you're putting running on the back burner? Not that there's anything wrong with that...I'm just thinking of possibilities. I know when I got super into spinning and weight training I sort of slacked on the running end...

  3. I like the kettlebell classes to mix it up. Monday was a "rest" day for me anyways after doing my long run Sunday.

    Plus if there is class at 6am, I'm more apt to get out the door on time as opposed to my runs which don't have an official start time.... but maybe they should!

    I think my problem is my schedule is a bit nutty. I'm busy most nights right after work, so my only real time to workout is early morning and that's not always so easy. I also have my lunch hour, but sometimes my run isn't possible due to craziness at work. So I do what I can. But I hope once I get through the next couple of weeks and am nearing the peak of my training for NYC I'll have more opportunity to really focus with less going on after work.