Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready to Run... just not THAT early

So this morning when my alarm went off at 5:20.....  

I didn't get out of bed. 

Instead I hit snooze. 

Stupid me. 


I did finally get out for my run by 6:15!

It had to be a bit shorter than planned unfortunately though.  I did just over 4 miles in about 32 minutes, warming up the first mile at about a 9 minute pace. 

Even with my run cut short I was running a bit behind, so I quickly showered and got ready for work.  Had to breakfast at my desk, fortunately the cafe has oats. 

-mix-ins: little brown sugar, dried cranberries, ground flax and a little coconut flakes

Plugging through the workday, I hadn't packed a lunch.... so I am home right now eating that.

-crop share lettuce, tomato & cukes
-kalamata olives
-veggie burger
-little balsamic dressing
I have WAY too much on my plate, I think that is part of my issue with getting my runs in.  

Last night I had school board, got home from that and worked on some job application stuff.

My "To Do" List Today
  • Let my Reach the Beach team know I'm alive and send out final details, since I'm captain and all
  • Put together my "to do" list for the 5K race I'm directing, nail down the # of volunteers I need and where they are all assigned, figure out what tasks I need to full unload on key volunteers, also need to follow up on age group prizes
  • Meet my team of weeders after work to do some weeding & prep for some fall plantings downtown next week.
  • Get my job application out to my dream job!
Um I think that is it for now.... I have little notes to myself all over the place... not good. 

Hope your day is a little less chaotic than mine. 

What type of organization system works best for you, do you do everything on your computer?  Do you write it down?  Do you do both (that seems to be what I'm doing lately)?

Have a great day!!


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