Monday, September 21, 2009

And..... I'm back......

Sorry about that.  

I'm a bad blogger when my life gets crazy. 

I'm back from a fabulous racing weekend!  Reach the Beach went awesome.  I'll do a separate post shortly. 

Today was about trying to get back to my routine.....

It kinda worked. 

6am I did Kettlebell!

This mornings workout was a good one for a Monda, I think. 
1 minute of each exercise (30 seconds each side when applicable), 1 minute rest at the end
Swings, rest
Swings, presses, rest
Swings, presses, slingshot, rest
Swings, presses, slingshot, squats, rest
Swings, presses, slingshot, squats, rows, rest
Swings, presses, slingshot, squats, rows, lunges, rest

Mini set of abs
overhead weighted situp, rest
overhead weighted situp, Russian twist, rest
overhead weighted situp, Russian twist, Sicilian crunch, rest

Then it was home for some breakfast!

Green Monster- spinach, ice, milk, almond butter, little greek yogurt, frozen mango and banana

Then off to work I went!

I headed home to make a quick lunch at noon time. 
-spinach flat out, turkey, homemade pesto, tomatoes, lettuce and roasted some strange vegetable from our CSA (didn't go so I yanked them out)
Left over roasted potatoes. 

After work I grabbed our crop share veggies for the week.  I was bad and didn't take a picture.  Yummiest watermelon ever though!!!

After getting our veggies & watermelon I had to venture downtown to prep the planters for tomorrow.  I have a crew of volunteers coming down after work to help me plant mums, cabbage & kale for the fall.  I had to remove all the summer plantings, which took me longer than I had hoped but I got it done!

I finally got home to make dinner around 8pm. 

Pesto Turkey Burgers - just mixed in some homemade pesto with the ground turkey
Sauteed Turnips w/ olive oil & garlic


Now to work on road race planning details.  I'm very glad Reach the Beach is done, now I can totally focus on the 5K I'm coordinating.... I'm getting a bit nervous, being a newbie at this race directing thing and all... I'm worried I'm going to forget something!

But first I'll do a race recap post!

Have a great night!


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