Monday, September 28, 2009

And back to your usual programing.....


Its been crazy busy around here... so much so that my blogging had to take a back seat.  :(
I've also had less computer access so that hasn't helped the situation either. 

Last I blogged.....

I had just completed Reach the Beach!

Since then its been lots of work, lots of plants, lots of road race planning, celebrations with friends, my dad visiting/leaving/visiting again!  

I really hope the race goes smoothly..... if it does I think it will be HUGE next year!

I'm looking forward to having Friday off and just getting lots done in preparation for the race.  So many little details and big details like making sure we will actually have enough volunteers..... I hope we will!

Then of course I'm also training for the NYC Marathon!  It of course hasn't gotten the attention I should be giving it.  I think I'll be holding true to my norm.... my fall marathon will be slower than my spring marathon.  But in some respects I want to enjoy it and not stress about time, which I can do as I'm already qualified and signed up for Boston.  So I can enjoy NYC with no real time goal..... which is a good thing!


-oats, dried cranberries, shreaded coconut, some camera shy granola w/ skim milk

Snacked on some more camera shy granola.......

-1/2 wheat wrap, chicken salad, loaded w/ veggies lettuce, carrots, tomato, pepper, onion and cucumber. 
Little more of that granola.... dangerous thing to have at my desk. 

-turkey burger on a sandwich thin
-kale chips, baby turnips, turnip greens

Alright.... back to yapping with the dad.... well my dad yapping.......  he's a bit of a talker.  He lives in the Northern Adirondacks, all that alone time in the woods leads to a chatty cathy when he is visiting!

I promise I'll be BLOGGING again!  Also I hope after the race is over to finally be moving over to my new site,  :)

How do you stay sane when things get busy?  Even when it feels like there is no "me" time or down time.  

Have a fabulous night!!  



  1. Good luck with the race chicky! I've missed you ;) Concentrate on the important things and we'll be here waiting when you get back girlie

  2. How's that Sobe Life Water anyway? I haven't tried it yet.

    How do I say sane? Sometimes you just have to prioritze & say taking time for yourself is MORE improtant than the other stuff on your plate. It'll all still be waiting there for you after you take an evening for some Britt time.

    Let me know if I can help with any of your race stuff...