Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sniffle sniffle

Sorry my nose is all stuffy still.......  blah.

In happier news.....Look at me, I'm blogging.... TWICE in one day.  Ahhh feels nice. 

I managed to escape work at lunch time for my 5 mile run, I felt pretty good despite the runny nose.  It is so nice to escape for a bit during the work day and get away from it all.  
Lunch time runs rock!

After lunch I enjoyed my lovely packed lunch.  
Plugged on through the work day and eventually enjoyed this beauty. 

It wasn't what I expected, but it was still pretty tasty!  
The new Kashi dark chocolate & coconut bar. It was kind of fudgy chocolate, hit the spot as a mid afternoon snack.

After work I hit the grocery store to grab some ingredients for dinner.  Then it was off to do some weeding downtown.  I love gardening, it feels great to do some manual labor and see a difference after just an hour. 

After weeding I headed home to make dinner for the hubby, my dad and myself.  :-)

-baked salmon: 400 degrees, 15 minutes, lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic and dill
-Jerusalem artichokes: sauteed w/ olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper (they are a tuber from the sunflower family and were delicious! got them from our CSA)
-pesto quinoa- just added some homemade pesto to the quinoa
-sliced tomato
(not the greatest picture.... I was hungry apparently LOL)

Thank you for the well wishes on the race and for finding time for myself.  I'm feeling a bit less stressed.   I'm looking forward to a ladies night at a friend's house tomorrow night, its apple themed..... 

Do you have any great recipes involving apples?  Anything but a main course.... dessert, appetizer, etc. 

Have a fabulous night!!  I'm hopefully getting to bed early so I'll be on time for Kettlebell at 6am tomorrow (lately I've been showing up a few minutes late.... oops).  Just hoping I don't need the Nyquil again, although my nose is so stuffed up!


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