Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turkish get ups & Cheering for Wally!

This morning..... I slept in. Ahh..... Till 6:30.

I ust could not get up at 5:30 for Kettlebell, I was up to late dealing with some technical glitches with the dang blog. So annoying.

Any how.

I wanted to make it to 4:30 Kettlebell so I went to work early.

Prepped my breakfast, while doing so I ate half a banana and then added the rest to my oats.


-oats, almond milk & water, rest of banana, almond butter, ground flax, few walnuts & some maple granola.

headed home to check on the dog and my dad, both were doing well. :-)
-sandwich thin, turkey, provolone, hummus and tomato
-later at work had some plain greek yogurt with almond butter
yep running a bit low on the veggies today......

After work I scooted to kettlebell. It was a doozie.

following done twice
-run 1/4 mile
-3 pushups
-6 situps
-9 air squats

as many rounds as you could in 20 minutes
2 Turkish Get Ups per side
4 Split squats per side
12 American Swings
8 Thrusters per side

I did just over 5 rounds. OMG the Turkish Get Ups were killing me. We usually just do them during warm ups.... not as part of the actual workout. I was using 12kg bells, so about 26 lbs. I finally had to drop down to a 20lb bell for my last few get ups. I was a sweaty drippy mess by the end..... sign of a good workout. I also wasn't much of a talker during class, except to say get ups suck. :-) Aren't I a cheerful ray of sunshine. LOL

The hubby arrived home shortly after me, so we threw together a quick dinner. AND.... I forgot to take a picture. Oops. Nothing crazy.... turkey burgers on sandwich thins w/ broccoli & baby turnips on the side. YES finally I ate some veggies!

I'm working on the veggie situation as I type, I got these lovies baking in the oven.
-Spaghetti Squash & Butternut Squash

So while that cooks I'm enjoying some green tea and um... a snack size Snickers. My dad got a bag. Evil dad. ;-)

I cannot believe the marathon is only a week and a half away. Eeks!

However THIS weekend my step dad, Wally, is doing the Marine Corps Marathon!!
It will be his first marathon since a couple of major health issues set him back. He is one dedicated and determined guy though, he has a goal and he is going to achieve it! His training has been very methodical and well thought out, he has also listened to his body and accepted its limitations that it gave him at times.

Here we are in the FL Keys last winter.

He is an amazing guy.

Almost 2 years ago he fell on some ice while on a business trip, hit his head very hard and almost required brain surgery due to the swelling. It took over a month to finally get him home to NH, as he was in IL when the accident occurred and then went to MA before coming home. It was such a nightmare. He had to work with speech therapists and occupational therapists to re-learn a few things, but he made an amazing come back.

Just as he was on the upswing from that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells. He started to do well with his treatment for that when he wound up in the hospital again when he collapsed during a run, they were not sure if it was due to blood pressure medicine or what. He was released but a couple months later he collapsed again, this time they realized he was having seizures due to scar tissue in his brain.

Now he is on anti-seizure medicine and hasn't had an issue since. He will be having a stem cell transplant in February of 2010 and he wanted to get another marathon in before that. Plus he loves the Marine Corps Marathon. So he is running it. It is a goal he wants to accomplish.

My mom is flying down with him and will cheer him on with a friend of her's that lives there. My mom, Wally and I did Marine Corps in 2006. It is a great race, lots of wonderful support, amazing location, and just a lot of fun. I'll be cheering him on from home though, as well as another friend who will be running his first marathon for the Burn Foundation.

So for those of you who are overwhelmed by a marathon and don't know if you can do it.... think of my step dad. He is 63, has cancer (but under control), overcome a brain injury and is out there running. How can you not be inspired.

So join me in giving Wally a cheer on Sunday!

Have a great night!



  1. Good luck Wally! Rock it! Glad to hear your Dad is feeling better. Again- you are a fabulous nurse. Glad you got your workout AND some sleep in. YUM- lurve the squash

  2. Love it! Wally rocks!
    I just got a little teary eyed...