Monday, October 19, 2009

Tabata fun.....

Happy Monday and happy Tabata day at Kettlebell.

Don't know what Tabata is?

The original Tabata Protocol requires the following:

  • 5 minutes of warm-up
  • 8 intervals of 20 seconds all-out intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
  • 2 minutes cool-down

The are lots of sites and articles on internet about this type of workout. Of course some claim all kinds of crazy miracle weightloss, etc. I just like it as I can compete with myself and try to maintain the same number of reps for each interval.

Also at our gym we do mutiple exercises, each is done for 8 intervals with 20 seconds all out and then 10 seconds of rest. The exercises sometimes vary though.

Today's Tabata Recipe included.....
-situps (I did 9 each set)
-pullups (3-4 each set)
-air squats (12-14 each set)
-sledge hammer (was having too much fun to count)
-push ups (8-10, I tried to keep up the regular ones but my wrist was hurting... had to do girly ones the last couple of intervals)

So sledge hammer..... yup that involves an actual sledge hammer.
Too bad this wasn't on a Friday when I need to get some anger out. LOL
We smack a big ol' tire, kind of like chopping wood. Fun! Although I tad dangerous at 6am.
He he....


After a fun morning workout I prepped some breakfast to bring to work.

- .5c oats, .5c almond milk, .5c water
-1T almond butter
-4 crushed up Kashi Vanilla Island squares
-few walnuts

Around 8:30 I ran home to pick up my dad and deliver him to the hospital for day surgery. He had to have a little minor knee surgery.... torn cartilage and torn miniscus. The patient is recovering well.

After dropping my dad off I headed back to work.
Snacked on a Honey Crisp Apple. Yum!

Lunch time came and I realized I forgot to pack something, so to the cafe I went.

-1/2 ww wrap w/ chicken salad & loaded with veggies
-side of carrot sticks
-side of broccoli & brussel sprouts

I thought after work I had a school board meeting, however I was pleasantly suprised when I opened up my packet and found it CANCELLED!! Yay! Free night. :-)

Although this was after I had already grabbed some food.... had I found out sooner I would have snuck a run in. Gggrrrr.... by the time I would have digested it would have gotten darker out and I knew my motivation would have faded. Oh well.

-beef stew (it tastes better than it photographs)

This is the stew that I made yesterday.
I should have made it totally from scratch but those seasoning packets help so much.
My stew includes.....
-store brand seasoning packet
-stew meat
-CSA potatoes
-CSA onions
-baby bella mushrooms
-about a cup of red wine & couple cups of water

Might have a chocolate chip cookie in a bit. Mmm.... love cookies.

I'm definitely getting my winter eats on. This cool weather is getting to me.

In other big news today I found out my number for the NYC Marathon! I'm in the 14,000's. This places me in the "sub-elite" category. Um, if they say so. They assign your number based on a recent marathon, I used this past spring's Boston Marathon 3:28:15. I'm getting very excited now!

My brother, who lives in NYC, was home this past weekend to visit since my dad is in town. He is going to be our tour guide in the city and we will finally get to see his 'hood.

Do you ever build vacations around races? I do this on occassion, I of course prefer to get the race done and then enjoy where I am at. ;-)

Have a great night!!



  1. so sweet of your to take care of your dad. I bet he is LOVING that stew!! Congrats on the marathon number. If I was running a big race like a half (which I may) or a full, I'd def plan a vaca around it. Also, that Tabata workout sounds amazing

  2. just stopping by to say hi! nice blog!