Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Me 3.0

Yep, I think I could use a few upgrades and need to work on the "Me 3.0" version. ;-)

I like Me a lot, I just think I could use a few improvements and updates to help me be more productive and possibly more versatile.... maybe add a few new "apps". Cause we all know whatever the need, "there is an app for that".

In all seriousness though, my seminar today was very motivating and helfpful.

The name of the course was Time Management and Organizational Skills. However, in discussing those topics we hit on so many other areas, as time management and organization are reflective of who YOU really are. It was also one of those courses with lots of acrostics, such as

How to Set Goals SMARTER

Agreed to
Time Specific

As well as tips on how to create an effective To Do List, organizing your schedule, prioritizing so you are proactive instead of reactive, etc. Also this involved learning how to say "NO", which is something I have difficulty doing. But by saying "NO" to one person I'm really saying yes to all the other things I value and have committed to.... I like being reminded of that. One "NO" is really worth all those "YES's". :-)

Another item that was stressed was the importance of continuing to educate and better myself.....cause I'm worth it. I've never been one into motivational & self help books, CD's, etc. but I may change my tune. Before purchasing anything I'm going to head to the library tomorrow and see what they have on CD. Figure I'll give listening a try as opposed to reading, see if that type of learning works for me.....lately unless a book really draws me in, I fall asleep... as I usually read before bedtime. Who knows maybe I can learn on the run? Download a podcast or CD on my iPhone?

I think the first book or CD I'll look for is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I'm going to guess the library has it, if not I'll pick up a copy.

What personal development or motivational books have you read that you found beneficial?

The irony in all of this is that I KNOW how to accomplish goals.... but it seems to mainly work when it involves running. It is a bit more cut and dry I think.

In reality every marathon I run is a new goal. I set a specific goal to complete the marathon and in usually in a certain time range. I determine if that goal is realistic. I put together a training plan to achieve that goal. I commit to it. I track my progress. I achieve my goal. I reward myself.

Now I just need to apply that discipline & logic to the rest of my life.... huh.

Ok. Enough being deep for one night.

Sorry for the sparse pictures.....


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  1. Sounds like you got a lot out of this seminar! I went to school for Industrial Engineering (aka efficiency engineering) and it taught me to totally streamline everything. I guess this is reflective of me being somewhat nutty ;)