Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maxing and Relaxing......

What a lovely day yesterday was and today at least started out beautiful. Before I revisit yesterday I'll share a little of my run this morning.......

I decided to venture down a new street and found a nice little spot to enjoy the view.

Another nice view... my lunch from yesterday. :)
*flat out wrap

with a side of carrots.

It was a later lunch than normal for me, but laying in the sun relaxing wasn't making me too hungry I guess.

Then it was back to chilling on the deck with Reggie.

But then I got the munchies and was a pit thirsty..... however that thirst was for more than just water.... a nice afternoon glass of malbec rose w/ my strawberries & cucumbers.

After a day of lounging, my sister-in-law and I headed out to the Truro Vineyard for a special wine tasting and appetizer event. We sat with 3 ladies who actually are from just a couple towns over from us in NH. We chatted about restaurants, wine and people we knew in common. Very fun night!

I'm a slacker though and failed to take a picture of our wonderful food. But here is the menu for the evening. It was delish! The smoked bluefish app was amazing!!!

After the tasting we quickly headed back to the vacation house to watch the sunset from the roof deck..... with another glass of malbec rose (I'm on vacation... I like my wine).

After watching the lovely sunset we were a still a little hungry so.... we made a fruit & cheese plate that was camera shy.
*green grapes
*sharp cheddar
*monteray jack

Then it was off to bed to read!

This morning I got up and did about a 4 mile run after walking Reggie. I took the photo at the top along my way. I got a wee bit lost for a bit but my handy dandy iPhone with GPS told me where I was. Love that iPhone!!!

I showered up when I got back and grabbed a snack sized Luna bar and headed off to the flea market with my in-laws. I got myself a t-shirt and some old post cards for the hubby, they are off Churchill Downs... he loves the Triple Crown races.

Then it was back home for a real breakfast..... (missing from this photo is an evil but delicious coconut & frosting covered donut.... it was from a cute little local donut shop... I just had to try it)

Well its 2pm and I'm still not hungry yet. So I'm headed out for a walk to work up an appetite!


  1. Where'd you get a snack sized Larabar?

    Pretty pictures... I definitely need to get to the Cape!

  2. That offering menu looks delicious!!