Monday, October 26, 2009

Ode To my Toes.....

(warning.... if you don't like feet, you won't like this post....well at least the beginning part)

My toes.

They are fabulous toes really.

I just expect a lot out of them and put them through a lot of abuse.

Considering what they go through they have held up amazingly well.

However, this was a rough summer for them. The Boston Marathon in April proved to be a bit much for them....although I probably should have gone up a full size instead of a half size in my sneaks. I did go see the was a painful appointment though..... as I had blood blisters under both of my big toenails.


But then of course rather than respecting the damage I did to them, I ran another marathon in May.

By June both big toenails were gone.

So the summer of 2009 was the summer of no pedicures. Instead it was the summer of painting my toe skin to make it appear that I had toenails.

I have heard that they make fake toenails, but I could not imagine gluing a fake toenails onto my poor toes, they had already been through so much. Why make them suffer more?

However, my toenails are ALMOST back to normal. Yay!!!

My hope is that by my vacation in January I'll be able to have a pedicure once again. :)

So, here are my wonderful fabulous toes.......

They have carried me many miles.

And of course I expect them to continue to carry me many more.

Thanks guys, you are the best!

Now as for my plantars fasciitis...... get well soon. Ugh.
I'll try to remember to keep icing you and wearing my sexy blue boot to bed every night.

Now on to food. Unless I made you lose your appetite with my ode to my toes. ;-)

So I slept in this morning. Was up too late last night cheering on the Yankees.

Yes I live in NH and I am a Yankee fan.

-.5 c oats, .5c almond milk, .5c water
-toppings: almond butter, chopped walnuts, ground flax and some crumbled apple cake (mmm... good)

I ate kinda early though so I needed a little snack.
Yesterday we did a Trader Joe's run and I got the coveted PB filled pretzels.
These puppies are dangerous. Portion control is KEY.

It was a GORGEOUS day out, so I had to get outside during lunch time. So I went for a walk. Unfortunately where I work is in a boring office park, BUT it is near some conservation land so it has some pretty areas. Especially when the trees are beautiful colors in the fall!

I headed in after my walk to enjoy a tasty lunch.

-leftover risotto al autunno.
(which involved wonderful butternut squash which as I saw tweeted today, it scores 100 on the Nu-Val scale)

Also some left over salad of field greens, brussle sprouts, eggplant and tomatoes w/ TJ's balsamic vinaigrette.

Do you ever feel like a lumberjack the way you pack your food for the day? LOL

This was my breakfast & lunch packed for the day. I ate all of it except for some yogurt.

After work I finally got my workout in for the day. Since I missed 6:30 am kettlebell, I went to the 5:30 pm class. I'm not used to all those night time people though, I missed my early morning peeps.

8 minutes
2 turkish get ups each side
run around the building
repeat till time was up

10 reps each side working down to 1 rep each side
-Dead Cleans
-Front Squats
-Push Press

I kept it somewhat light, mainly a 20lb bell. I didn't want to over due it before the marathon.

I came home and whipped up some dinner.
The hubby has a work function tonight so I'm hanging at home with Reggie.

-spaghetti squash w/ TJ's marinara sauce

Now back to hanging with my bud, Reggie.

Have a great night!!!



  1. this post. I totally just lost my first toenail from running. I need to get a feet are nasty. But they do awesome things for me. Love the risotto. I was thinking of making a similar variety soon. And spaghetti squash is always good- I gotta pick up another one of those babies. Thanks for the vaca suggestion

  2. Girl, my feet look like yours...I did a half-marathon Saturday and I'm just sitting here waiting for a nail to fall off. I've lost this same toenail four times, must be my gait!